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Blackjack Strategy

To be successful at Blackjack, a player will have to have a rough and basic understanding of the game and the simple concepts like hit, push, bust, split etc. A player can be guided with the help of a strategic decision making chart known as the Basic Blackjack Strategy chart.

There are a number of factors what account towards playing successfully in a game of Blackjack

  1. Mathematics
  2. Probability
  3. Common sense
  4. Logic
  5. Implementation of basic card counting strategies

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What is Card Counting?

Card reading or card counting is a long term strategy of gaining a gradual competitive edge over the dealer.

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Interpretation of the Blackjack Strategy Chart

What’s a strategy chart? A Strategy chart provides guidelines as to how to play the first 2 cards extremely effectively, and estimate or predict the dealer’s card or movement! Though the basic Blackjack Strategy chart mostly talks about the implementation of effective first two steps and playing with the first 2 cards, a player whether novice or veteran, must learn to take a logical decision with the help of common sense.

Let us learn to play with multiple hands
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If a player has a Blackjack strategy chart, he/she should double on 11, but the game rules let a player double only on the initially dealt two cards, hence the player is supposed to hit the dealer.

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The Method of Playing a Hard Hand on Blackjack Strategy

If a player does not have an ace card in the first two cards, then the situation is called as a hard hand.

According to the ongoing strategy, the following steps are to be taken

  1. On the occurrence of eight or less:

On the occurrence of eight or less, one has to always hit, undoubtedly.

  1. Occurrence of nine:

If a player has 3 to 6 (three to six), then the player must definitely go for a double, or else he can hit.

  1. Ten: If a dealer has 2 to 9 (two to nine) then hit or else a player can definitely go for the hit option.

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The Method of Playing a Soft Hand on Blackjack Strategy

A player’s hand which has an ace with the initial cards is called as a soft hand.

The following steps and instructions are based on a possible combination of cards that could be there with an ace card.

  1. The combination of ace, 2 or ace, three:

If a player has a combination of ace, 2 or ace ( two or ace) , 3 (three) ; a player should double if the dealer has 5 or six; or else the player can confidently choose to hit

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1. Combination of ace and six: If the dealer has 3 to six, then double otherwise hit.

The aforesaid are just a few amongst thousands of Blackjack strategies formulated for playing a Blackjack effectively.
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